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Principal's Message

Dear Friends,

Welcome to the website of St. Mary’s Higher Secondary School, Guwahati.

Schools are centres of power – power to shape the future of millions and nations. The pivot of this edifice is the relationship between teachers, students, parents and management. It is this relationship that defines the climate in which a person is educated – the ambience in which the best in a person is elicited.

No technological advancement has succeeded in watering down the paramount importance of this relationship. We educators have to recognize our role and responsibility in moulding minds and forming characters, by creating an atmosphere conducive for education. We wish to make our school a place where the young are empowered to take on the future with courage and confidence and fill it with compassion and love.

We envisage our pupils to become intellectually enlightened, morally upright, spiritually oriented, emotionally balanced, socially committed, patriotic, eco-friendly and accomplished- in a nutshell, integrally developed young women who will be agents of social transformation in the pluri-cultural, multi-religious context of our nation.

We challenge our students to develop their potential and to dedicate themselves to academic excellence, faith, leadership and service as they take their place in our rapidly changing and pluralistic society. Our curriculum aims at moulding them into creative thinking and responsible citizens.

The Sisters, Teachers, Parents and students constitute an integral unit known as the Educating Community whose primary aim is to form the young to become builders of an honest society, women of upright thinking and acting, commitment and competence.

It is the able guidance and wisdom of each of you that has enabled us to attain the present level of excellence in the field of education.

Hope you will find the website both interesting and informative.

May God Bless us all

Sr. Tessy Davis

Our Founder Message

St. John Bosco, popularly known as Don Bosco (Italian for Father Bosco) was born at Becchi, in Piedmont, Italy on August 16, 1815...

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Our Co-foundress Message

God’s ways are marvellous. Contemporaneously with Don Bosco, Mary Mazzarello in the hamlet of Mornese a little village in Piedmont,.

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